Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 21-25 Week 5

Well I am sorry I have not been able to get any posts in earlier this week. I can't believe the week has gone by so fast but it has been very busy. Monday day 21 started out with physical training bright and early. It was our first time as a company and our new platoons getting out there together so we started out with running through getting into our exercise formation and going through some exercises. I was lucky enough to get selected by the cadre to lead the platoon through the exercises one time. Overall, it was pretty easy, you just had to keep the proper cadence through the different exercises. The rest of the day was spent with death by PowerPoint. Tuesday day 22 was another day that started with us bright and early at the pt. field, in which we just did a lot of alternating sprint/jogs. This was followed by classroom work in the morning and then we went out in the field to go over platoon movement and road crossing and personnel accountability while you are moving through the woods. This was pretty fun and gave us a good opportunity to get out of the classroom for a little bit. Did I mention we were getting homework each day that a that was becoming all due on Wednesday and Friday of that week. Did I mention as well we had ASU (Army Service Uniform) and our midterm test on Friday that we were getting prepared for. On Wednesday day 23 we didn't have any pt. because we were going up to the medical offices to have all of our initial testing. We had vitals taken, vision and hearing tested, for myself 7 vials of blood drawn and 3 shots to catch me up on what I had been missing. We also had a short visit with a physician before being done with the medical office for the day. The rest of the day was class work and I had my presentation that day. I did it on Bryant Womack, who is the soldier who the Fort Bragg medical center is named after. I will have to do a post about him one day. After my presentation and about half of the rest of the class we had a few more lectures and then got into some good lectures of shooting and marksmanship. Thursday day 24 started out again with pt in the morning after which we went into the classroom for another lecture. This one was covering land navigation again (like we did in pre-BOLC) so it was interesting and pretty enjoyable. Afterwards we went the EST to go over M16 training like we did in pre-BOLC as well. I picked up some different tips during our marksmanship lecture that I put into use during the zeroing and testing exercises and improved over my pre-BOLC scores. I worked on saying squeeze in my head when squeezing the trigger which was suppose to help you not yank the trigger hard, I also worked on my trigger squeeze follow through, where you hold the trigger back for a second instead of letting go of it as soon as it fires. My scores when from sharpshooter in pre-BOLC to expert this time! Now hopefully I can carry that over to the qualification range when we are out in the field next week. Friday day 25 began with us having our ASU inspection. Everything went well and I didn't get dinged for anything. Afterwards we had our mid term test. Thankfully I passed it!!! I do not know what my score was because we were just given a pass or no pass score, but I am not going to complain. After the test we just had some briefings and other little things to take care of then we were released for the weekend. Next week we will be leaving for the field on Monday and then not get back till Friday, so I am not sure if I will be posting much next week but I am looking forward to getting out and doing something other than presentations. We will be doing land navigation, weapons range, gas chamber and practicing convoy operations as well as starting combatives. I am really excited about all the stuff we will get to be doing and learning when we are out in the field for the next 3 weeks. I should also mention that I will be one of the squad leaders for our platoon this week so that should be a challenging but fun task to get to do. Anyway I am going to try and post at least one more time over the weekend before we get out to the field, but I will post as I can.

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