Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 4 Recap

Well today finished my first month here in San Antonio at Fort Sam Houston. It is amazing that I have only been here a month because it feels like much longer. Overall it was a good week this week, I passed my APFT and felt like I started to really get a grasp on all the information we have been covering this past week. Today me and a few guys when to a local state park and did some rucking and navigating to keep our skills sharp before we are out in the field and have our land navigation test. The park was pretty cool it had some very nice views and some moderately steep terrain which was both fun and challenging. This upcoming week should be pretty busy. We have a lot of homework, a presentation, an ASU inspection and mid-term test on Friday. We also will be getting even bigger as a group because we have some reservists coming in this week and they will stay through our field training exercise. Here are some pictures from the park that we visited this weekend.
This is the map of the park. I believe that we did
just about the whole park.
This is some of the natural stairs that were
on site.

This is the view from one of the ridge lines during our hike.

This is part of the trail it was right along
the ledge, but it was pretty cool.

Another picture of the path along the ridge.
More natural stair climbing.

Another view from the top of another hill.
A snapshot of another part of the trail we
were on.

One last view of another trail. This one
was step going down but the loose little
pebbles were the biggest issue for one of
the guys in our group.


  1. Glad you found some time to do something a little bit relaxing. A midterm coming already ! Best wishes.

  2. Looking at your pictures, this is a very nice park. Good luck with your test.