Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 37

Well I will start off today with a video of the Blackhawk that I was trying to post yesterday. This is a picture of us being dropped off at the Role 3. The litter carriers are getting the litter patients off and myself and the other ambulatory patient had already gotten off on our own.
We started out the day with a quick breakfast and then we headed off in the trucks to our CSH or Role 3. The Role 3 is just a combination of Alaskain shelters (which are large dome tents) that you join together and then they have premade large shipping containers that have OR's set up in them that they can attach to the end and you can expand and have a clean room right away. My job in the Role 3 was Medical Supply OIC (officer in charge) unfortunately I did not have much to do since we were not really using real supplies. Want I ended up just doing is helping moving patients from the ER to the OR and I could still moniter my area through my radio or passing by it since I was right off the corridor from the ER to the OR. Overall this was a pretty slow role that day and we finished about lunch. In the afternoon we switched with the other platoon that was there with us and we went outside to learn how to put up an Alaskain shelter. I will stop here and mention this was the first day of the government shut down so we were not sure how things were going to go. When we got to our CSH there were a group of civilians that work in a building right next to the CSH and normally are there during our training to give us guidance and help us out during our training. They also were there to walk as through the layout and process to set a CSH up. Well after they walked us through the CSH in the morning they were sent home, and we did not have the Blackhawk out anymore as well, so I was happy I had gotten my ride when I did. Anyways, we had 1 civilian left from the morning and they walked us through setting the base the sides, doorways and then finally putting the canvas on it. After we put it all up we got to take it down and pack it away and that took about the rest of the afternoon so we headed back to our FOB for dinner.
This is a picture of my medical
supply area that I was in charge
of during our Role 3 training.
This is the mover that picks up the containers with the OR or
dentist wing in them. This thing was really huge, the wheels on
it are taller than me and I am 6'3".


  1. Something is wrong with video, it says it is private and won't play.

    1. Duke, thanks for the heads up. I think I have it fixed, let me know if it is working or not. Thanks