Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 39-40

Thursday was our going home day. We started out the morning with combatives and we were learning finishing moves (ie. chokes and arm bars, which are meant to break/dislocate arms, elbows and shoulders.) I know I have not talked a lot about our combatives training but it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we did not to have as many classes as we were suppose to have because of the shut down and other factors but it is definitely something that I would like to continue to do. Overall, they have 4 levels that you can get certified on, thankfully the base that I am going to is one of the places where they do level 1,2 and some 3 training. To do level 4 you have to go to the fight school at Ft. Benning. Anyways, after combatives we started cleaning up the FOB and doing our final little duties before loading up the buses and heading back to Ft. Sam Houston. Once we got back to Ft. Sam we dropped off our weapons at the armory and had them inspected to make sure they were clean enough. Friday we were back into the classroom, even though most people were happy to get out of the field this was a tough adjustment to get back into the classroom all day. Thankfully we only have 3 more days of lecture until our final exam.
This is another video from the Blackhawk trip. This one is from inside the Blackhawk during the ride it was pretty cool but not as long as I thought it would be. I stopped my video before we went down because we had to start getting ready to get out of the helicopter. Well our training is getting down towards the end. I have 2 more weeks of our BOLC training and then 1 week of my AOC training, so I am pretty excited about finishing up here and getting to get back to see my family, along with starting at my new job.

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