Thursday, October 17, 2013

Days 41-45

This is the outside of the Center for the Intrepid.
Monday we woke up bright and early and headed up to the track for a brigade run, that is right a brigade run. Apparently a Command Sergeant Major was retiring and they wanted to do a run to honor him on his last day, so 4,000+ of us on base here and Fort Sam Houston took off and did a 3+ mile run in formation. (though run might be a stretch) Afterwards we were back in the classroom all day for more lectures in prep for our final examination. On Tuesday it was more of the same, physical training in the morning followed by lectures for the rest of the day. Tuesday afternoon the LTC who is in charge of our training came in to do his out brief and basically go through each of the stages of our training with him and tell him ideas for what could be improved and what could be continued. Wednesday we had our final exam first thing in the morning. The test went very well, mainly because I think we had a lot less information, but I scored well missing only 2 questions. Wednesday afternoon we started our mental resiliency training. Overall, this was a lot of information and concepts that I had heard before but it is always good to have refreshers and hear it again. Thursday we had more mental resiliency training followed by a platoon visit to the Center for the Intrepid and Fort Sam Houston. This place was an amazing building where they are able to do some amazing things. Even the name is pretty cool, I had never thought about it but intrepid means fearless or courageous, so the name is the Center for the Fearless. The people that go through there that have burns all over their body, or multiple limb amputations and what they are able to accomplish afterwards is just amazing. That ended our day on Thursday and Friday was the start of our 4 day weekend, me and a group of guys ended up going to the SeaWorld here in San Antonio for the day because we were able to get in free with our military I.D's. Thankfully, we only have 1 more week of BOLC and then I will have 1 more week of my track phase and then it will be time to head back to the East Coast to Fort Bragg to start into my job!

This is a cool piece of equipment that they use for
their training. It is a big dome with sensors all over
the walls and a treadmill that moves and tilts in the middle
so the person will get on it and walk and move and the system
will react to them as they move and measure their kinematics.
This is a picture of a dolphin that I got. They had them in a
large swimming area that you could stand right next to and pet
them as they swam by. It was just like the stingray areas that
they like to do in Florida.

This is a picture at the shark exhibit. This was 3 sharks that
were just laying on the floor of the tank in between the little
make shift reef. I thought it was interesting because I had never
seen that before.

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