Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 0

Well I got into Fort Sam Houston safely today. It was a long day of travel starting at 0330 in Oak Ridge Missouri and flying from St. Louis (with over a hour delay due to issues with the fuel gauge) to Atlanta, where I had to run to make my flight which was already boarded because of the delay and then on to San Antonio. We had our introduction today with our TAC officer and our height and weight measurements which I was good on. I am not sure when we will have our first APFT either this week or maybe at the start of next week to give everyone a week to acclimatize to the Texas heat. I do not think that it feels that hot compared to Florida. I am happy that I don't feel like I am breathing underwater and my clothes don't stay sweaty as long (which I know just means it is evaporating faster.) Our Class number is 137 which they had us repeat over and over throughout our intro today. We have some interesting people in our class including other PT's, a midwife, pharmacists, a veterinarian who also has his PhD, some RN's, MD's and administrators. It looks like from the schedule these first 4-5 days will be in-processing, followed by 2 weeks of classroom work, then 3 weeks in the field, 2 more weeks of classroom work and finally another 1-2 weeks in our specialty area. I am looking forward to our physical training (pt, lower case because it is not Physical Therapy PT) to see how much they are going to push us and what we are going to get to do. I don't know how much of the full military experience we will have considering we are staying on post and it looks like we will be having room service come in everyday to make our beds and get new towels and what not. The other main thing that is really interesting to me (as a new military personal and an officer) is how much they stress us not spending time around the enlisted guys. They keep telling us the areas we can't go in and the side of the streets that we need to0 walk on. Which is all a very new concept to me. Anyway I need to get to bed because it will be an early day tomorrow and I don't want to be late for Day 1.


  1. The military is big on controlling fraternization especially between men and women that is why they like to keep the boundary between enlisted and officer.

  2. Duke, the more that I think about it I also think they don't want the new officers embarrassing themselves in front of the new enlisted personal.

    1. That is certainly a part of it I am sure because they want to keep the respect high to maintain discipline. I am also sure though that before it's over they will cover fraternization if they haven't already.