Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 3 Shaving

Well today was another long day it started at 0400 out at the track for the diagnostic physical fitness test. I was a little nervous just because I had never taken an even un official PT test with official counters, however, everything went well and I scored really well and would have easily passed a regular APFT. After that we had to move quickly to eat and shower before we had to meet to pick up all of our field gear. We spent a few hours outside in the sun in our ACU's (which we wore for the first time today) going through and checking all of our field gear and packing it away in our duffel bag. Once we had everything packed away we went back to the classroom and learned about wearing our formal heading gear the beret. I will have to say I never thought there would be so required to shape and fit the beret. The most interesting part of prepping the beret for wear is shaving it over and over till it is completely smooth. After we were taught the technique for shaving we spend the rest of the day including some evening time shaving and shaving the inside and especially the outside of the beret. Our day finally ended (after going about a hour overtime again) going over stationary marching techniques and getting better with our right and left turns. Tomorrow should be another fun day we have to be up bright and early for our first day of pt. Most of our classmates seem nervous about it but I am personally looking forward to it because I think it should be a good, fun challenge. (Hopefully)

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  1. I did not know that about the beret but I do know the military leaves nothing to personal interpretation when it comes to wearing the uniform, especially the dress uniform.