Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 4

Well today went pretty much the same as our last few days, early mornings followed by long days in the classroom. Our pt session this morning was pretty easy our instructor just took us through the Army's new warm up program explained how our up coming pt sessions would be and then split us up into running groups depending on our times from the run. (I am in the Alpha group! Which might now be a good thing.) After pt we went and got dressed in our ACU's and then went to the parade field for inspection. Thankfully I passed inspection without having any issues with me or my uniform. (I had spent time the evening before going over my uniform with scissors and a lighter making sure all the loose strings were off of my uniform.) After inspection we spent some time out in the sun on the parade ground practicing formation marching and turning back and forth till our instructors felt like we had improved enough for the day. Next we just went to the classroom and had lectures on the Army military weapons, military organization and leadership and career management. All of the lectures were interesting but they started getting long towards the end. After all of our classes we had to get together in our squads and put our helmets and MOLLE vests together and make sure to tape and tighten up all the loose lines so there would be nothing to snag.  Tomorrow should be a good day we have pt in the morning but then most of the day is land navigation. (I know it was suppose to be earlier in the weak but they moved the schedule around and put it into Friday's schedule.) The nice thing is we will learn it and they are going to give us homework on it to practice over the weekend and then we get to go out to the field on Monday and practice what we learned! I also believe we will get to start weapons training some next week which should be fun. Well that is about it for today. Hope everyone enjoys and gets something from it.

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  1. The MOLLE vests are a big improvement over the old 782 gear with the web belt and suspenders and they have a lot more places to hang all your gear, hence the term 'battle rattle' (which is not necessarily a good thing)