Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 1 Recap

Well I had not planned on posting any over the weekend but I was going through some of my pictures from my first week at BOLC (Basic Officer Leadership Course) so I thought I would put them up so everyone could see them. The first picture to the left her is the Army AMEDD (Army Medical Department) badge that we will wear on our uniform while we are here in training. The next picture on the right is my platoon in formation during our first week waiting for our morning pt session to begin. Right below is
 our platoon out in the field about to have our MOLLE vest and helmet/uniform inspection.

This one is my squad, Squad 1, front and center waiting for our inspection.

This next one is LTC (Lieutenant Commander) Innanen giving our platoon a speech and introducing us to BOLC. He talked to us about our career's, the Army and how the Army medical profession was improving. LTC Innanen was very nice and fairly informal with us. He gave us very good advice about career management.

 This picture is another class room shot. This is LTC Smith the Commander of our 137th Medical Battalion welcoming us to BOLC. She was very nice (though much more formal then LTC Innanen) she talked about our BOLC training and how AMEDD has been changing since she has been there. She also talked about her vision for AMEDD and then Army medical field as a whole.

These last 3 pictures are from this weekend when we went out as a platoon for our first weekend here in San Antonio. This first one is of the San Antonio river walk. They decorated under one of the overpasses by hanging these fish up. The fish supposedly glowed and changed colors once the sun went day. There was also a large crowd on some grass banks around this area. Apparently they have a lot of bats that live underneath the overpass that come out in the evening. This reminded me of Gainesville as they had 2 bat houses there which housed over 300,000 bats and we would go frequently to watch them leave their home.

 This next picture is down by the river walk as well. They had built walks on either side of the river (it was more like a canal) and on the opposite side you can see they had build a little feature which had a water fall and a walkway up under it.

This last picture is one of a bus stop right up off the river walk from the last two pictures. I thought it was pretty cool how they made it look like a tree and they had plenty of seating underneath it to keep people out of the rain. All these designs were pretty cool and reminded me of sculptures done at theme parks (especially Animal Kingdom.)

Anyway, these are some pictures from my first week here at BOLC and I hope everyone enjoys them.


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