Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 12

Well today was a pretty slow day, but the hammer has fallen. Through our pre-BOLC all of our cadre were pretty laid back if we had our proper TPU's in order. (Time, Place and Uniforms) Well we had our first formation with our full BOLC class this morning and our time to be there was 0745 with formation being called at 0800. Well unfortunately there were quite a few new BOLC students who are staying off base and were very late to our formation, so we were then promptly chewed out for our lack of personal disciple to be on time. We also now have to be at formation a hour earlier tomorrow because we can't be "trusted" to be there on time. They also told us we would start getting negative counseling if we were late, so I we be getting to formation now even earlier. Anyway, outside of that we pretty much just sat through talks all day and tomorrow is suppose to be more of the same. So, I will put more pictures of last week up, today I am going to post more pictures of our ruck march. The Army has 7 values that it wants in its leaders (meaning officers) so some of the pictures are from those 7 values, unfortunately 1 is missing which is Selfless Service. The 7 Leadership Values are: Duty, Loyalty, Respect, Selfless Service, Personal Courage, Honor and Integrity. 
This is the first of the leadership signs.
This is a view from the front looking back.

This is our medic, he is one of our Sgt's and our
pt instructor.

This is us stretching out as a platoon prior to leaving for our
ruck march.

This is looking forward from the back of the
formation. I am in the orange on the Left
running to the front to relieve the front

This is us finishing up our ruck march at the Leadership
Reaction Course.


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  1. True military tactic, a few screw up and everybody pays. Peer pressure is better than anything to get everyone on the same page and it usually prevents further issues.