Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 5 Week One

Well I made it through the first week! Today was another good day. We got up early for pt and our drill instructor did not show up so we were instructed to do some pushups, sit-ups and run. After pt we had our inspections of our helmets and MOLLE vest. (With all my equipment passing well.) Next we did some more D & C, which is Drill and Ceremony (read more marching.) Then we headed to class for more lecture, except today was land navigation! We learned about the three North's: true, magnetic and grid, along with the angle of inclination and looking at 4-6-8-10 grid coordinates and home to find and understand 4-6-8 digit coordinates with 8 digits getting you down to within 10 meters of the position you are finding. We also learned how to convert between magnetic and grid north and finding and reading an azimuth, reverse azimuth and triangulating a position. Along with how to actually hold and read the compass to get an accurate position of travel. We were then given homework for the weekend with questions which basically makes us put everything we have learned to use. That about finished up our day, at the very end we had the AMEDD Commander who is a LTC come in and talk to us about her mission and vision for the AMEDD department while she is here. Overall, it was a pretty good week, very busy but I definitely learned a lot and feel a lot more comfortable in the Army uniform. (Though I still have a long way to go.) I am looking forward to this upcoming week when we will get to go out to Camp Bullis and do land navigation and our weapons training. It is suppose to be 105 degrees + every day so and we will be in our ACU's and combat gear so I have started working on hydrating myself so I won't have any issues on that front. Well I hope everyone has a good weekend, I am going to enjoy my first weekend off and I look forward to starting my second week and getting another day closer to the end!

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your first week.
    If you want to get into a long discussion in land navigation ask the instructor what the needle of the compass points to at magnetic north, the declination angle not only changes with locations (it is different in Texas than in Florida) but it also changes over the years. I don't think anyone knows for sure why.