Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 2 Recap

Well we have finished our 2nd week out here at Fort Sam Houston and completed our pre-BOLC training. Our week started off with an early bus trip out to Camp Bullis for land navigation and field training. Here is a picture of us when we first got out to the camp. We are changing over Platoon leader, Platoon sergeant and squad leaders for the new week. I enjoyed getting out of the class room and being out in the field walking around for land navigation. The picture right below this one is me and my squad leader in the tent prior to our MRE breakfast and land navigation training. You can tell we are not all hot and sweaty yet! I also included a picture of us out on our land navigation. You can see the terrain and vegetation, there were a lot of little palm bushes out there along with a lot of short trees. Nothing was very tall but there was frequent patches of vegetation that made it more difficult to get a long sight picture. It seemed like we were doing constant short walks. (Which might help you be more accurate anyways.) Tuesday we got to do our M16 training which was not anything to new but it was still fun to get out and work with some weapons. Wednesday we were suppose to get into do our M9 training but because of a gas leak and the need to get our military I.D's we were all not able to do our M9 training. Thursday we were up bright and early to head out to Camp Bullis again. They dropped us out in the middle of nowhere for our 4+ mile ruck march. When we finished our march we were at the Leadership Reaction Course. There we competed as squads over 8 different challenges. My squad was able to win and finish the challenge with the fastest time. Below is the picture of our squad when we were on the bus on our way back from Camp Bullis after our victory. On Friday we had our ASU inspection and cumulative final of the pre-BOLC training. I was able to pass the inspection and test with flying colors. Our class overall got great reviews from our leadership, which was nice to hear, with us all being new and being exposed to this for the first time. Saturday we went out as a platoon and got some good Texas BBQ. I really like BBQ and that was one thing I had been wanting to get so it was good to finally get some. The place was called The Big Bib, it is a little local restaurant. We took a picture as a group outside but I do not have that yet, but I will be sure to post it when I get it. Next week should hopefully be a good week. We will be merging with the rest of BOLC class 137 so the first few days of the week should be pretty easy while they in process. After that it will definitely pick up because we will have a lot to learn over the next few weeks while we are here.

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