Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 14

Well today was another fairly good day. We reported to CIF for accountability this morning and then the pre-BOLC group was released till lunch time. After lunch we met back up in the AMEDD building and had a presentation from the LTC who is over our training program. He briefed us on his mission and vision for what he wants us to get, learn and be able to do when we leave his program. After that we had another presentation from a Major who is our class advisor. He went over a lot of the same things that we have been hearing this week and the other weeks we have been here. Finally, we got to split up and meeting our individual platoon military and civilian cadre. Our civilian cadre is great, he is a former Airborne, Ranger and SF guy who is a retired Master Sergeant (E8) (which is almost as high as you can go as an enlisted individual.) He seems to really know his stuff and wants to teach us what we need to know and make sure that we can succeed in our jobs. Maybe one of the best things is that he does not want to waste our time with information that we don't really need to know so he told us he plans on keeping his information very focused. Along with that though he made sure to stress though, that we really need to KNOW the information that he does teach us. Overall, it seems like our group is really good and that we should be able to learn and accomplish a lot. Tomorrow is suppose to be a half day (well at least off around noon.) We have to report at 0600 and they told us not to expect off till 1300 so that is 7 hours anyway, but at least it won't be a late day. Tomorrow I am planning on posting some more pictures of our time here. Hope you enjoy.

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