Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 10

Well today ended my 2nd week here and marked the end of my pre-BOLC training. The rest of class 137 will get here on Sunday and we will be at full strength for the full course on Monday. Today we started off with our ASU (Army Service Uniform) inspection. We had a Captain come in who did not know our class perform our inspection. He went through with his ruler and measured our pins making sure they were placed at the correct distances and aligned correctly. He would also ask us specific measurements to see if we knew what they needed to be. He also inspected our gig lines, which is the line men's shirt, zipper on pants and the belt must be just to the left on that line. Thankfully, all my pins were placed correctly and I passed with flying colors! I was happy that I had lined it all up and had did not have things that needed to be corrected. After the ASU inspection we got to change back into our ACU's and get ready for our cumulative final.  Overall the test was not very hard. It had 50 questions and we had we had 50 minutes to complete it. Overall, it was very straight forward and stuck pretty closely with our notes. Next week should be a good week we will be joined by the prior duty members, we will have our first official APFT next week as well. All of our instructors seemed really impressed with how much our class had learned and how well we performed on all of our given tasks. Tomorrow I will post some pictures from recapping this last week for everyone to see. Tonight we went to a local burger place called Sam's. On top of the bun they would take and sear their name Sam's onto the bun. It was really good their burgers are huge and you could get fries, onion rings or tater tots with your burger. I got tater tots to go with my burger and they were really good. They had a really huge, good looking chicken burger to that I think I will be trying on our next visit. Tomorrow the plan is to go get some Texas BBQ and to see how good it really is here.
Sam's Burger Place


  1. Looking sharp, to this day I can never get dressed without checking my gig line.

  2. You look very handsome! Love you!

  3. you look very sharp and should be very proud of your overall progress so far! keep up the good work!

    your friend,