Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 11

Well today is going to be a short post because there was not much on the schedule for today. We had our first formation at 0745 and were then promptly send back to the hotel and told to be back for final formation at 1600. The reason for this was because the full long BOLC course started today and the rest of our company was in processing today. The nice part about having it off was that we could get done some of the things that we needed to finish, including getting to work out 2 times. When we showed up at 1600 we got into formation for one last time as pre-BOLC Class 137. Then we headed into the auditorium to meet the rest of our company. Once we got into the auditorium the called out all of our names and our new platoon that we would be in. We then headed outside to get into our platoon and meet our new squad members. I am now in the 3rd of 6 platoons and in squad 4 of my platoon of BOLC 137. On a side note it rained for the first time since I have been here in Texas, unfortunately it rained the whole time while we were outside getting into our new platoons, so that was a lot of fun! It looks like the rest of the week will be death by power point as and our schedule has been rearranged so that our first APFT will be next week instead of this week. Anyway since today and the rest of the week will probably be short posts I will put in some more pictures from last week, since I could not fit them all into my week recap post. Today I will post some pictures from the Leadership Reaction Course so that you can see some of the scenarios that we had, not all of them are my squad so you might not always see me in them. Hope you enjoy!
This one you had to go up and over the wall, down
the other side and then onto the chains and make
your way across to the other side without touching
anything except for the chains. (No part of the poles)
On this scenario we had to get from one side to the other without
touching the ground because of a minefield or the poles.
So basically you had put the wood up onto the poles and
walk across as they swayed. The most challenging part of all
 of these is that you had to take all your supplies with you
to the end.
This is the only one we didn't complete (but no group did)
You had to just go across three islands but the boards were not
long enough so you had to tie them with a short piece of rope and
use your belt. This one was mainly hard just because of the time
This is the same challenge but this is actually my
squad. We didn't get everyone over but we got
one person and the supplies that we needed.

This one you had to move everyone across plus supplies
the most difficult part was walking along the pipes and then
jumping onto and walking across the balance beam in the
middle then it was basically the same thing on the other
side. Once again the hardest part was bringing the supplies
with you because these pipes were heavy.
For this challenge you had to get your whole squad
across the parallel bars. Overall this one was not
to bad but there were a few ways you could do it.
If you see the wood in the back ground there were a
special order they would fit on the bars because they
were not quite parallel but started wider and then
narrowed slightly, but for time it was pretty
much faster to just scoot across.
This was the timed event. You had to go up one side
keep a low profile at the time (because of snipers) and then
scale down the other side. You could not touch the ground
or slide down the sides and you had to take a 55 gal. drum
up one side and down the other. Overall not bad though.

This one was challenging because they told us you
could not go around, under, touch the red or touch
the top of the pipes. You could also not put any
equipment underneath the bars. Basically what you could
do was put the wood on top of the pipes and then walk
across and jump down to the other side.

This was our squads first challenge. You had to go
up and over without touching the ground between the wood
(mine fields) or touch the chain-link part of the fence (electrified)
All you had to do was lay the ladder over the top, use the 2
pipes under the top of the ladder, slide down the pipes plant
the explosives by the door and then get back over taking everything
with you.

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