Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 1 Train to Save

Well we started out the day meeting our commanding officer and hearing his personal rules for our class and his policies. Following that we took the Oath of Office (I have included a picture of my fellow Active Duty Officers who took the Oath with me.) Following that we basically filled out paper work for the rest of the morning, followed by a quick lesson on how to march information before we marched down for lunch. In the afternoon we met the chaplain and learned more about Army traditions and customs. This included morning reveille (0530) and evening retreat (1730), how to salute, including the phrase of the day or the post phrase which for us is "Train to Save" because they train all the Army medics here as well. We also learned who to salute along with handling situations in which people don't salute when they are suppose to. That was pretty much our first day, not to exciting but it should continue to get better. On a side note I did a return a Go Gators to an enlisted soldier when I went to dinner in my civilian clothes with a Gator shirt on.

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