Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 9

Cooling down and getting to eat our MRE's
after the road march.
Well today was a good day overall. We started out bright and early to Camp Bullis where they dropped us off in the middle of nowhere at dawn and we had our 4+ mile round march with all of our gear. I was selected as one of four road guards. I was at the rear of the column and my job was, once the front guards posted at crossroads, myself and the other rear column road guard would sprint to the front and relieve them so that they could move back to the front of the column and we would stand and fall back into the rear of the column once it got to us. This was a fun job for me and made the march much more interesting because I did not have to just march but sprint some to. (It also made for more exercise, which is never a bad thing.) The road march ended at the Leadership Challenge Course. When we got there we fell into formation did some stretching, hydrated and then got an MRE to eat for breakfast. Overall mine was not to bad and I kept some of the finger foods to have as a snack later in the day. After we ate they gave a mandatory foot care time where we had to take off our socks and boots and powder and put on new socks. Once all that finished and the rest of our cadre showed up we moved to the Leadership Challenge Course. It was basically a lot of obstacle courses that we were given a scenario and an objective and had to work together to complete the little challenge. We competed against each other as squads and had 15 min. to complete each challenge, overall we had 8 different challenge stations that we had to complete and one challenge was going to be selected to compare all the squads to and see who had the better time. Out of all 8 challenges we completed all of them but one and the cadre said we got more people through then any other squad. Our last challenge ended up being the timed one that we would be compared to the other squads with and I am happy to say that we ended up winning!!! We had the fastest time by 2+ minutes and we pretty happy as a squad that we won. Especially since pretty much everyone here seems pretty competitive and motivated. Overall the Leadership Challenge Course took us just over 3 hours to complete and then we moved back onto the bus for our ride to Fort Sam Houston. Tomorrow will be the last day of our Pre-BOLC class and then we will be joined by all the other BOLC students for the long course. Tomorrow we have pt. in the morning and then our ASU Class A uniform inspection and then a test to overall the information we have covered over the past 2 weeks, plus information we haven't. The good news is that hopefully we should be done rather early tomorrow and get a good jump on the weekend.
Part of the Leadership Challenge Course, there
were over 17 total challenges but we only did
8 of them.
This was the challenge obstacle that was timed
you had a barrel that you had to get up and over
along with the rest of your squad and you were
not allowed to slide down either side and there
were "mine fields" at the bottom.

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