Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 8

Today will be a short blog because we did not get to do much today. This morning we started out with pt. bright and early. We actually went on our first road run as a platoon and did some cadence songs as we ran. Afterwards we met to begin our M9 training at the EST 2000. After some quick instructions on how to hold and operate the weapon we started to get split up by groups and prioritized by who needed to go get military cards today. Because I was one that needed a card I got picked to go in an early group so we headed into the building to start. Well no sooner had we got into the building but some came in and said we need to evacuate because the workers outside and struck a gas line and there was a leak. So we headed outside and formed up about 2 blocks away. When we got into formation the gas smell was still very strong so we were instructed to head back to the hotel and get everything that we would need to get issued our I.D. cards and then we were released for lunch. After lunch I spent the next few hours waiting in line to get an I.D. card and then we had to head to the military clothing store to pick up our ASU (Army Service Uniforms.) Finally, we headed to the DIFAC (Dining Facility) and then back to the hotel to meet up as squads and begin to get all of our hardware onto our ASU jackets, because we have an inspection on Friday. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. We are heading out to Camp Bullis for land navigation, we have a 4 mile ruck with all of our gear and then we are doing an obstacle course/leadership challenge, so all of that should be pretty fun, challenging and exhausting.

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